Titan Aero? Anyone consider installing one?

Curious if this would make for a clean all in one (hard and flex material) head.



Just put an order in for one off of ITWorks, will update here when I get it if I remember to.

Okay had the Titan Aero installed for about a week now. Spent most of my time re-calibrating do to issues with the printer not the extruder but I printed off a few functional parts and a benchy and I think they came out very well. I got the 1.75 version with a .4 nozzle and printed at .2 layer height.

Have not tested flexible material though and I think that is half the reason why you would want to go with this extruder but if I do get some TPU and remember to post pack here I will.

One side note I did run into one issue where the extruder will strip the filament when I ran though my start up script but all I had to do was dial down the extrusion rate in the script it started to work as expected.

Also as we speak printing out a Warhammer 4K figure for my brother in-law with a .25 nozzle at .1 layer height. I will try and pull off the support and send a picture of it as well once it is finished.