Tolerance limitations and calibration


I’ve been playing around with my TAZ5 for a month or so. I’ve been using HIPs and PLA and have had great success.

However the most challenging thing I’ve come up against is lack of precision parts that need to be fitted onto other parts. For example, lego pieces or raspberry pi cases that fit together.

Are you guys able to make high precision parts that can fit together? What do I have to do to get an accurate print?

Thank you!

The TAZ handles precision very well. If parts aren’t fitting its often a print setting which is off.

Try one of the print in place planetary gears. They don’t move if the machine is over extruding and are sloppy when under extruding.

Any of the print in place hinges / joints is a good indicator of print settings. The tolerences between moveable parts is .15 - .2. The print in place articulating LeFabShop Makerbot Robot is also a good print to try. The figurine has print in place joints for arm, legs and head.

If the circles or holes are printing elliptical, check your belts or machine calibration. Could also be bridging settings (not enough cooling or print temp too high). If its the holes on the bottom of the print are too small, it could be the nozzle being too close to the print bed…

Overall I find the TAZ to be pretty good with precision.

Cool, thanks for the advice.

I tried printing this gear bearing and things were locked together.

I reduced the flow percentage in cura to 85 and I was able to crack it but it is still a bit tight. I’m going down to 80 and see what happens.

Thanks again! This is really good progress for me.