Top layer possible over extrusion

So I’ve been honing in my settings to get better quality prints off my Lulzbot Taz 6 and there is one setting that has been evasive in my efforts to figure it out. From the picture I have attached you can see that the top layer of the print is kinda bubbly and looks like it is potentially over extruding but just on the top layers everything else on the print is looking great by the standards of what I have been able to print in the past.

Here is the pic of what is happening, don’t mind that the print is unfinished, someone shut down my computer before it finished :confused:

I’m using Cura to print with Hatchbox PLA Filament My print temp is 195 and a few potentially relevant settings are:

Top/ Bottom Thickness- 0.8mm

Top Layers- 5

Bottom layers- 6

Top/Bottom Pattern- Lines

Flow- 120%

Top speed- 40mm/s

Print Speed- 60mm/s

If you want some more information about what settings I am using here is a link to my current cura profile:

Thanks for any tips you might have!

It looks like your flow is set to 120%. This means if your printer is calibrated correctly you are extruding 20% too much material.

Try reducing your flow to 100%.

If you are still seeing over-extrusion run an extruder calibration.

Great answer, thank you! I will try both of those out and see how it effects the print.