Total NOOB with soooo many questions...

Hi all,

I am completely new to 3D printing (yes, collective sigh) and this is my first week with my Taz 6 and Dual Head v3. I sort of assumed that there would be documentation on how to calibrate and troubleshoot…as in “here is a picture of something goofy, and here are some steps you can take to try to fix it, and by the way, this is what it is called so if you have questions you can ask them without sounding like a total NOOB”. Does something like this exist and I am totally missing it?

Regardless, I am obviously having several issues, and fingers crossed that they are related.

The first is that with the PolyDissolve S1, it seems to ooze out of the head. In the pic the temp is 190. The other head with PolyLite PLA does not really have this problem…so I am guessing it is the filament.

The second is with my test cube (die). I was curious to see what changing the default high detail layer thickness did (from 0.16 to 0.10). Yes, I know, I jumped right in… The bottom 90% or so was typical of what I have been getting so far with the preset high detail settings, or even the preset standard settings. But, as you can see the top 10% or so seems pretty nice to me. So, what happened (or didn’t happen) and what can I do to get a more predictable/consistent result like the top? Actually, the top did seem to warp or bend every so little to one side…which I am guessing means since that looks better than I have some sort of alignment or offset or something I need to look at and change since the rest didn’t bend and looks…meh.

Thanks in advance. Really, anything will help at this point.

The thermistors are set at different depths in the hot ends. Check to see if the set screw for E2’s thermistor is missing, I had that experience and it was a contributing factor to temp instability. Also look at the V3 service bulletin. For the rest of it, Google, trial and error. Welcome to the biggest time suck you’ve ever experienced.