Sudden issue with default TAZ3 profile

Hey all,

I was using 0.35 and 0.5 heads for a while, and finally found a 0.5 Slic3r configuration that was actually working for my TAZ3 (would love some defaults from Lulzbot though!)

Then suddenly the printer started acting up, with super low quality infills and wrapping all over. Same material same configuration. In order to be sure I switched to 0.35 head and used the default slic3r profile and I am still getting the same issue. Temperature does not seem to be the issue as extrusion seems to be going well on its own (outside a print).

Any ideas?

Since everything all of a sudden stopped working well, look at the filament path, the extruder tension and how well the extruded filament comes out the nozzle. Try a simple test print to help reduce your variables.

I had prints that looked almost identical to that. Problem was a clogged extruder, which also caused the hobbed bolt to gum up. My clog was a little fleck of burned PLA. As Orias said, check the filament path.

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