Translucent ABS?

I currently am using Village ABS material.
I’m building a lit fishing float and would like to use ABS material so that I can reliably seal it against water infiltration.
Are any of the Village ABS material that is sold by Lulzbot that is relatively translucent?
Wall thickness of my float is 1mm.

I had a prototype printed using a PETG material, but I’m concerned about the lack of bonding to sealing materials.

I suppose I could try nGen Clear material, but I’m somewhat concerned there with it’s poor impact resistance.

I’ll attempt to attach a photo of my 1st prototype, It’s not sealed in any manner, but the LED glow is pretty good.

Any suggestions concerning best material for my small project would be appreciated.

I would consider Nylon 910 or Nylon Bridge. Once printed it is pretty durable, and fairly translucent if printed with thin walls.

Maybe Form Futura? No experience with it, but here is a video review.

I think you are right that ABS is probably the easiest to seal (i.e., solvent weld into one piece). I have used GizmoDorks brand transparent ABS, purchased from Amazon, and it worked well. Prints are translucent milky white, conduct light well, and weld easily with acetone or solvent-based glue like Scigrip Weld-on.

Taulman TGlase “Clear” is more transparent and conducts light really well; it is also available in several translucent colors that conduct light really well. But it is PETT, and I don’t know what adhesives work well with it.

Thanks for the links and suggestions and comments.
I found on the MatterHackers site suggested the Transparent Premium ABS filament at 3mm size.
It’s out of stock there, but should be available around April 1st.
That fits my schedule pretty good.
So far I’ve been purchasing all of my filament at
But since they don’t appear to sell the Transparent ABS, I’ll more than likely go to MatterHackers.

I’ve had prototypes printed in Taulman 910.
If oriented correctly on the print bed, those parts are very strong.
I’m not sure how well sealant will stick to the Taulman 910.

The Form Futura video was very interesting.
It’s petg material, so not for this project.

My thought about TGlase are that I’m thinking it will be not very impact resistant, but I could be wrong about that.
Your comments about the ABS have encouraged me to go that route.
If the MatterHackers filament is not in stock, 1st week in April, I’ll very likely try the GizmoDorks Brand ABS from Amazon
if it’s available in the 3mm size.

Now I can continue refining my design.
Thanks again.

TGlase compares pretty well to ABS; very slightly stronger but just slightly less “rubbery” so maybe a little more susceptible to impact damage. But again, I don’t know if there is a solvent/adhesive to easily “weld” it like you can with ABS. The only mention I saw on Taulman’s site for bonding TGlase was clear epoxy. Any of the nylons (particularly 910) would be great in terms of durability, but bonding/sealing may be a problem there, too. And all of these are a bit more expensive than BAS.

Taulman has a good comparison chart (with lots of notes below) on their website:

Thanks ScottW
Every now and then I look at the Taulman3D site.
I have never seen that chart before.
Normally, I don’t do much post processing, but on this fishing float project
I feel the need to do sealing.
I think that in a few months, when I start on my gardening projects, I will seriously look into
the Taulman PCTPE material.
Maybe it will turn out to be the Holy Grail material for my 1/2" conduit trellis brackets.

Thanks again