Recomendations for Translucent Filaments

I have only printed with ABS on my Taz 4. I have upgraded my hotend to the HEX hotend and I now have a project that is requiring a Translucent Blue Filament. Can anyone offer their suggestions on brand/type. Thank you in advance.

Absolutely love the t-glase and it’s very easy to print:

Here’s some pics someone posted that show it off well:

T-glase is very nice, and the wife’s favorite for aesthetics, but you cannot dissolve it and smooth it like you can ABS. but apparently you can use epoxy on it to make it nearly clear, though I have not tried it.

some good info on T-glase, as well as some other options.

I printed this yesterday using eSun translucent PETG. I’m totally new to 3D and this is only my second print (ever), so many of the flaws are probably a reflection of my own ignorance. The wrench is not functional (but is supposed to be, got it here off Thingiverse ). I printed at 240/100.

LulzBot just added (great looking!) translucent Village Plastics PLA
We’ve not added it to our stock yet.
If you need something stronger… another option is coming very soon :wink: