Trouble with NinjaFlex on Mini with Flexystruder

I’m using the Mini with the Flexystruder, but my prints just do not come out at all.
Every thing I try I seem to get a mess like this:

Has anyone come up with tips/settings that work well on the Mini with the Flexystruder and Ninjaflex?

Thank you!

May seem basic, but what thickness of ninjaflex are you using?

Also, are you using the right profile? There’s several version of Ninjaflex with greatly varying temps and speeds.

NinajaFlex TPE 3MM. I am using the profile in Cura from the dropdown. I created a new printer profile for the Mini with the Flexystruder, and when I did I get the option for NinjaFlex in the dropdown menu.

Which Ninjaflex are you using, and which Ninjaflex is the profile for? Cheetah, Armadillo, Semi-Flex, Chinchilla…? Again, there’s very different speeds and rates for each.

I am using the regular NinjaFlex from lulzbot… not sure what sub-type it might be? And the profile is simply the “NinjaFlex” dropdown selector from within Cura.

Sorry for the noob questions here!

There was some errors in the profiles for the mini. Check that the filament diameter in the “material” section is set to 3mm.

The basic guidelines on the site for NinjaFlex 85A are:

Check that what the profile you’re using is close to this.

Thanks. I tired all those settings and still got an absolute mess. I think I’m going to reach out to lulzbot.
I appreciate your help!

looking at your picture you were trying to print it too fast at the temp you had set. But what do I know since the person who came up with
NinjaFlex told me the temps, speeds, and rates to use. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Do the speeds Wrathernaut posted above match what you would suggest?

At this point I gave up and put the regular extruder back on for now…

I tend to print around 10-15 MM/sec, as TPU is VERY thick and cools VERY slowly. I was told to try and not exceed 240 or it will start generating/outgassing bad compounds! The other NinjaFlex types like he said are different temps and speeds. Unless it is bare glass you WANT to use glue.

Have you adjusted layer height? If it’s too small, I can imagine results like that.