Why no Ninjaflex printing on Lulzbot Mini?

I bought a reel of Ninjaflex in hopes of printing some prize dice for my Magic Players. Isn’t there a setting that works or is there another reason that is isn’t recommended?

You need to print or buy a flexystruder to print the flexible materials. The standard extruder won’t feed the fillament properly, it will tend to bind up and jam mid print. You can use the flexible extruder to print riged filament like ABS, but that wears down the liner fery quickly. I’m also not certain anyone has adapted the existing flexistruder to fit the hexagon hot end yet. it would be a pretty easy modification, I just don’t know if anyone has completed one yet.

I’ve quite successfully fed semiflex filament trough the standard taz 4 extruder at up to 40mm/s.

Maybe it will work just as well on the Mini…

I assembled a ‘development’ version from the devel.lulzbot.com site, from bits and pieces laying around yesterday. But have not installed it onto a Mini quite yet. Forgot twice today, must be OLD age catching up with me. :cry:

You can build your own, or wait for Lulzbot. They have confirmed it’s in development but not officially released…yet.


How about now… is it available now… patience is not most people’s forte… at least mine.

This tool head is still in development stage, so we have not made any announcements or released it yet. However you can follow along with development, and maybe even build your own :slight_smile: Check out the latest files here: http://devel.lulzbot.com/mini/accessories/albatross/

If I were to print out the flexystruder for my mini:

  1. What is the appropriate filament to print the flexystruder with?

  2. Can I print HIPS, nylon, etc. with the flexystruder, or will I need to take it off to print again with these other filaments.



The Flexystruder is recommended for flexible filaments only (e.g. NinjaFlex and SemiFlex). Stiffer filaments can cause more wear and tear on the tool head, and lead to damage over time.

govkn. You can print the flexystruder in ABS.

Now you can!


Does anyone know how you configure Simplify3D for the flexystruder? It knows about the Mini, but default print head only.

There’s not a lot to change really. Most of it is lowering the print speed as flex filament does not do well printing fast. Start at about half the speed you would print a rigid filament at. You can probably increase it some from there, but most of my flex prints are so small that the speed isn’t that important.

You have to set your nozzle diameter to 0.6mm too :wink:

Thanks guys. I went through and created a new profile so I could switch back and forth when I need to. I inspected the Cura Flexystruder settings and basically slowed everything down (and set nozzle to .6). I will speed it up until it starts to degrade and then back it up a little. Just so used to having everything in a dropdown with Lulzbot. LOL.

Once you start printing, you can use the dial on the taz by the LCD screen to speed things up (or slow down) in (near) realtime. I’d just start with a slower speed and slowly ramp up until is starts not printing as well, then ease it back a bit slower until it’s perfect. It might take a few seconds for the new speed to be picked up during the print, so ramp up a bit and wait until you hear the speed change (motors get higher pitched). Don’t just ramp up and say that didn’t do anything and continue to ramp up. Wait for the change to take effect. Then you can see the speed on the LCD and transfer that to your profile for next time. It’s quite a bit faster than constantly changing the profile and messing up several prints and wasting filament.

Often I let the first few layers print normally, as they are the most crucial for the rest of the print, and then manually ramp the speed up a bit for the duration. YMMV.

Printing on a mini…but taz6 is on the list.