Ultimaker Cura 4.2 commands

So I haves asked over in Ultimakers forum, but havr not gotten a reply back yet. Thought I would ask here as well.

My Taz 6 has the dual v2 head and what I am looking for is the command line for Cura 4.2 to pull nozzle 2s temp into the G-Code. In the Lulzbot Cura 3.6 it is “{material_print_temperature_layer_0_1}”. This does not work in Cura 4.2

I have found that Cura 4.2 handles complex prints easier and does not crash like 3.6 I can keep modifying the G-Code, but this is a huge amount of extra work. If I can just find the right command, it would be so much simpler.

You have just discovered one of the many back-end changes between the Lulzbot CURA and Ultimaker editions. CURA LE has modified python code that allows it to detect and substitute a greater number of parameters in the GCODE, including the extruder specific temperature layer 0 temps. I am not sure why these additions have not been merged back into the Ultimaker repo, or why Ultimaker devs have not implemented something similar themselves because I believe this is a basic dual extruder level of control. The LE CURA used to merge their upgrades back into the Ultimaker repo, but I am not sure why deviations like this still exist. In short, this means that you cannot use the LE custom GCODE blocks in the Ultimaker version unless you ensure that all the parameters are recognized.

I’d look at the start code for one of Ultimaker’s Dual Extruder printers to see if there are variables there that you could use.

I believe correct me if I’m wrong the Cura software only works directly with an Ultimaker 3D printer. You can use the Cura-engine with repetier-host, but then you have the same problem.
You can export the generated G-code out of Cura, put it on an SD card and print directly. With long prints I use also SD cards. Its a bit more reliable by removing the chance of a software crash

Why not try another linux distribution?