Update to a LulzBot Mini 1.04

I just recently bought my LulzBot Mini off of amazon and am absolutely loving it. However, I recently found out that the Mini Amazon gave me was a v1.0 Mini and know that some things have changed since mine was made. What things can I do to upgrade my Lulzbot Mini v1.0 to as close to a v1.04 as possible?

check here for parts: https://itworks3d.com/product-category/parts/mini-parts/

If not available there, you’ll likely need to make the pieces unless the lulzbot store has them as well. the biggest change is the bed cable I believe. Most of the rest should be printable upgrades.

One of the 40MM fan mods for the barrel/cold end. A number those fans have developed ‘issues’ over time and use.

I’ve tried to track down some detailed information on how to identify each version of the Lulzbot Mini (v1.03, v1.04, etc.) but I have had no luck. Anyone have anything they could share? Any pictures to help?

https://ohai.lulzbot.com has a 1.03 and 1.04 section that shows step by step differences.