Lulzbot Mini Modular Heated Bed Corner STLs

I need to print replacement bed corners for my Mini’s modular print bed.

But only has the STLs for the thin corners that came with the printer - the modular bed upgrade requires larger ones.

Has anyone here got an STL for the modular version? Am looking for the rounded corners for the earlier Mini models.

Here you go:

They are for the Mini 2 but it uses the modular bed.

I should also ask which mini are you running? 1.03 and below or 1.04?

I’m using the 1.3. And the only ones in the 1.3 and 1.4 sections are the pre-modular bed ones. The ones that come with the modular bed are significantly higher.

Ok I was worries about that. I can’t find the 1.03 feet either. I’m trying to find a 1.04 bed mount myself to update one of my Minis. I really done like those older beds.