upgrade AO-101 with LulzBot v2 (Hexagon) Hot End

Hi guys,

I just noticed that the LulzBot v2 (Hexagon) Hot End is supposed to be compatible with the AO-101.

I already have a budaschnozzle 2.0c, but I’m having clogging issues, so it looks like a good occasion to upgrade!

My question is how hard is it to fit an AO-101 with a LulzBot v2 (Hexagon) Hot End ? Are there any instructions somewhere ?


The ao-101 is a 12 volt printer. You will need to source a 12v heater core or upgrade your entire electronics to 24v, which given the much improved bed heating time is not a bad idea. The 101 has the Rambo board if I remember right, so that might just take a bed and a power supply.

The wires are going to hook up the same, but I am pretty sure no one has made an a 101 hexagon firmware yet so you would need to adapt that from the taz 5 firmware. That’s mainly going to be copy and paste if the relevant sections.

Thank you Piercet but I’m not sure I want to dive in such modifications…

This printer is giving me headaches, there is always something that goes wrong … I wish lulzbot had an upgrade program where you could get a discount on a new printer when you send the old one!