Upgraded TAZ w/ Lulzbot Mini Parts & Cable Carrier Chains

Here’s some pictures of my new project I’ve been working on. I redesigned the Lulzbot Mini X Ends and X Carriage so it would fit on the Taz. The Z Motor Mounts and Z Top Mounts I got from the Devel.Lulzbot website under Taz/Kauri. After I installed the New Z and X parts I ran a couple test prints to make sure it worked. I also designed a extruder mount for the Buda 2.0c so it will work on the new X Carriage. I like how the extruder mounts to the carriage with three M5 screws. It seems to be sturdier than the TAZ. I also designed mounts for the cable chain for the Z Axis and the Y Axis. I’ll post more pictures once the printer is wired and I install the Y axis cable chain.

Nice updates to the Taz! Any chance you could post the stl files for the pieces you modified? Did you previously have any issues with the z axis binding with the old style x idlers?


Yeah I’ll let you know when I upload the files to my thingiverse. If your talking about the x ends for the Taz 4 or 3, I never had a problem with the Z axis binding on them.

Beautiful! Can’t wait to check out those files!

Very cool. :slight_smile:


Were the Taz 5 X ends at http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/Kauri/production_parts/test_parts/ when you did this? Just curious if they would work instead of a redesigned Mini part.

I ask because I am getting ready to upgrade my Z axis and really like the Mini’s setup. I would like to have that on my Taz.

I have printed those parts out and will install them. I’ll let you know if there are any issues.

Awesome. Thanks!

Yes those will work but they don’t have the cable carrier mount on them. I’ll upload the parts to my thingiverse today.

Awesome, I was going to hack something together for the cable chain hehe. Thanks!

I printed the parts in white xt and it gives a nice contrast to the machine. Only put the right side on tonight but it seems to work well. The I ditched the igus bearings for lm10uu and they fit pretty snuggly off the printer and are a little hard to align for the smooth rod to go through smoothly. This might not be as problematic with the igus bearings.

This looks awesome. Techsavvy34 your doing some great work. Going to try and do these same steps when I get my Taz4 in.

I haven’t done any digging in the Mini BOM yet. Does anyone know if they changed to a flex cable for the cable chains or are just using the same cable type as the Taz?

When printing structural printer parts in general, what setting (infill mainly) do you all recommend.

When printing printer parts I usually use 70% infill. nopick I believe the use the same cable types as the Taz.

I posted the files on my Thingiverse - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:672994

I also designed a Upper Bearing Holder for the Taz X Carriage that has a cable chain mount and uses the same wiring scheme as the Mini. I’m in the process of printing and testing the new bearing holder but with this part you’ll be able to use the standard Taz X Carriage with the custom X Ends and still use a cable carrier chain.

I should have been patient when you said you were posting these to thingiverse. I finished printing and installing the z and x components found here http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/Kauri/production_parts/test_parts/. My z axis has never been this buttery smooth! I typically print all of my structural components at 25% with 3 perimeters and 4 top/bottom shells with honeycomb infill.

I’ll print out your parts and install them since the cable chain is a nice addition. I’ll let you know how it goes :smiley:

Are you currently using a max endstop for your z axis? Do you find it advantageous over the z min endstop?


I use my nozzle as the z min endstop because I installed auto bed leveling with the washer’s like on the Mini. But I also use z max to home my printer. If your not using auto level you can just use the z min endstop.

Techsavvy34 could you share the process to get the auto leveling working as the mini? like:

  • What is needed to change on the firmware? (could you share or current firmware?)
  • How did you attached the wire with the endstop signal to the nozzle? (just solder it?)
  • How to add a max end stop on Taz?

Have you tried other methods of autoleveling? like a proximity sensor, or a the endstop at the nozzle? I just wanted to know a comparison between the methodologies. I guess the other two are more suitable if you don’t have a flat print surface.


Vitor Henrique

There is a lot of things that need to be changed in the firmware for this type of auto leveling. To connect the wire, I crimped a ring connector on one end of the wire then I remove the set screw in the heater block. I then use a M3x6 SHCS and attach the ring connector where the set screw was. Check out this picture and you’ll see what I mean. For the Z Max endstop I designed a mount for a limit switch that mounts to the extrusion or you could use the new style X Ends. The hardest part to get this type of leveling to work was finding a way to mount the washers. I ended up CNC a new bed mount plate that uses the same bed corners as the Mini.

Techsavvy34, how is this working out for you? Any updates?

Can you tell me if there is a way to mount the Z min end stop for a Taz without bed leveling?