Printing TAZ Parts

So I just bought a never used open box mini from eBay shipped for $740 which seemed like a good deal. I currently have a TAZ 3 converted to TAZ 5 (minus the fancy electronics enclosure). I just bought the the v-rails for it to upgrade the XYZ axis. The question is, upon inspection of the TAZ parts that I need, it seems like most parts are small enough for the 6x6x6 bed size of the mini, minus the 2 top plates that hold the bearings/10mm rod.

I bought the mini as a backup and actually as the main workhorse for general printing (I like the auto bed leveling aspect of it, and being able to just print right away) and the smaller footprint so I can put it on my desk. Does anyone here have experience printing parts for the TAZ using the mini?

The top plates and the z motor mounts are reportedly larger than the mini can accommodate on the bed. All the other parts should be ok. The metal parts can often be sourced from including control boxes and whatnot.

The open builds upgrade parts should fit on the mini bed. The y rail front and back plates might not, but they are optional. The z axis mods would not fit.

I can just print the Z parts on the TAZ once Ive upgraded the X and Y. Now, the top plates I can understand why it’s too big but I measured the Z motor mounts and at the longest, they are just a little over 5" in length. I thought the mini was able to print 6x6x6?

They may fit, someone once told me they wouldn’t fit. Would be worth a shot.