User Manual improvements

First off, the user manual is awesome!
Since I’ve been rereading the manual I noticed a few small things I was wondering about, and thought it would be neat to have a thread for feedback, what with Linus’s law etc, to make it, if possible, even better or just to see if there are some things that might be confusing or misinterpreted easily. I searched the forums first but couldn’t find a thread for this, so, for example:

  • On page 56 of the TAZ 3.0 manual it says that the octopus gcode file can be found at “”, I’m thinking this is probably a typo because it can be found at “

  • On page 130 I’m guessing there was a typo in the “\texttt” because it says “exttt”

Those are the things I remembered just now, but if I find more things I’ll try to post them here.
Keep up the good work and thanks for a great manual!

ps, this is totally unrelated but it made me smile :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks for the fixes. We do have the manual at github as well:


Thanks. Mm, does that mean that the github version is always the most recent version and that I should check that one first?

I’m very new to 3d printing, but I hope to help in the little ways I can.

Ya, the github should be the very latest one.

Thank you for the notes! We’ve corrected the source in git, and will be refreshing the manual available on the download server/download section of the support section.