best versions of slic3r, printrun, etc.?

Can anyone give their tips about the best version of slic3r, printrun and other software to use for the TAZ (4 specifically, but probably the same as the 3)? I ask because I’ve seen comments like “don’t use the version of slic3r that comes with printrun” and such. And I notice that on the lulzbot download page, they still link to the Mar2012 version of slic3r instead of the current one.

Any gotchas I should watch out for on this front?

The download links now point to the current stable version.

In general try the latest version of Slic3r, as it’s had the most tuning. Some of the gotcha’s mainly occur in the betas and the release candidate versions. For starting out, use the preset Slic3r configs available here: to get started, and start with the Medium profiles. Once comfortable, try the fine/fast Slic3r configuration files.

You can also check out the Slic3r Github issues page, to see what people are encountering, just keep in mind they may be using experimental versions.


When you say the download page now links to the latest stable version, you just mean slic3r, right? I misspoke earlier and should say the download page points to a 2012 version of PRINTRUN, whereas there are March 2014 releases.