What kind of Spring does a Taz use on the ACME nut?

I looked, but I couldn’t seem to find the specifications for the spring that is on the Acme nut in a Taz. Anyone know what type it is, or at least the general dimensions?


When you say you looked, where did you? Did you look at the TAZ BOM, it’s pretty exhaustive.


What opens .ods files?

ODS is Libre Office/Open Office’s native format, MS Office 2010 on Windows can open it too.

Huh. I figured it was some proprietary linux file or something so I was ignoring it. I’ll give that a shot.

LOL. Proprietary and Linux don’t go well together. It’s the other way around, my friend! Proprietary is almost exclusive to Windows and MacOS X. :slight_smile:

BTW LibreOffice can be installed on Windows.

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