What resistence should the heated bed read?

I’m almost positive my bed is fried but before I buy a new one I want to make sure. Can’t seem to find an answer to this anywhere else.

The thermistor or the bed heater element? The heater element just needs continuity and no cold spots. The tech specs may be in devel.lulzbot.com . The thermistor is the same as the hot end. If you search the forum here for resistance and 100k you should find it.

I’d measure the bed for you but my meter is packed somewhere for the move.

Well since it is a 24 volt 360 watt heat bed that makes it ~1.6 ohms.

If I’m reading this thread correctly, both the thermistor and heater should have continuity? One of the loops on the bottom of mine (the red wires, I think that’s the thermistr) does not have conductivity.

I started looking through the files in devel.lulzbot.com but didn’t find on with this information yet.