What would you want changed in the Lulzbot taz & mini

Personally I would like WiFi & Bluetooth a touchscreen, a cubic foot build size & a smaller size per footprint like a voron as well as a high speed option
& double sided magnetic sheets as well as magnetic cables to switch from a glass bed to a magnetic one & a bolted guide rail for the toolhead so it is even easier also a 1.75 mm filament nozzle that can 3DPrint the entire cubic foot at 100% infill within 14 hours or less
Also a back up power save which will pause the print & when plugged back in will restart gcode from where it left off

Do you actually understand these things you’re wanting?
PLA density is slightly more than 35kg/cubic foot (I know we’re mixing metric and imperial, but you started it). Assuming standard rolls, that’s going through a roll every 24 minutes.

A $999.99 Mosquito Prime hot end (“the world’s highest volumetric flow rate hotend”):

It has 150w of heating capacity and even with PLA, it’s limited to 516 grams per hour (or 206.4 grams every 24 minutes):

So, you’re asking for a printer that goes 5 times faster than the fastest hot end currently made can print at.

These specific things you’re asking for are really unique to what you want, and you’re coming up with the 3D printer version of The Homer.

Maybe he wants an actual filament pellet extruder mounted on the carriage. Let me whip up something in Fusion360 that can hold this at a 90 degree angle.

Bargain at 16k.

4.5kg per hour… I think you’re on to something!

But it’s 23kg. You’re going to need one hell of a CoreXY setup to whip that thing around.

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I can agree to 4.5 kg / hour just wanted to write down some ideas

That would be for a specific toolhead

Not the density per cubic foot that I did not know
But what I do know is it hope it can compete with a prusa pro