LulzBot M175 0.5mm Tool Head

I just received mine for my TAZ 6. The LulzBot documentation is pretty light at the moment so I’m opening this topic to add some links to OEM websites that may provide more information.

A firmware update is required which I haven’t found (yet). I will add some first impressions after I get to the point where I can use it. Feel free to add your own questions / comments.

We are working on getting more information out for sure!

CuraLE 3.6.22 has support for the M175 0.5mm Tool Head. The ...\cura-lulzbot 3.6\resources\firmware files are named lulzbot_*_lutefisk.hex (or .bin).

All of my prints so far look fantastic. Probably the best 3DBenchy I’ve printed.

The following image shows the the temperature graph from OctoPrint while printing with the M175 tool head. I’m guessing I need to do some PID tuning but I want a second opinion, please.

Screenshot_2020-09-11 OctoPrint

Any ETA on the Mac version of 3.6.22?

I have not been able to build a version for Mac OS. Lulzbot gitlab has the firmware for the different printers with the M175. Also in our gitlab is the source code, if you are able to build it let me know.

I know from talking to the folks in Loveland (pre sale) that building the mac version was a challenge - they had a dedicated system they used to do it because it required a lot of fiddly setup.

But…if Mac isn’t going to be supported going forward, we need to know that. Can you shed light on where it is on the priority list?

We are working on some solutions, but for now the update that we made didnt change a lot fundamentally. If you are looking to use the M175 with mac gather the files necessary for it from gitlab.

It’s that, but it’s also the bigger elephant in the room - the move to apple silicon (which we could see as early as next month)