Which Arduino build hex file to use

I downloaded the 2015Q3 source from the Lulzbot production repository and built Marlin 2015Q3 (with some test code) which produced two hex files:


Which should I install using Cura?

If I really oops’d the build, does the restore on the GLCD cover my backside?


Found the 2015Q2 source on the SD card of the machine so I built that to match the factory start point along with my mod. No build errors.

Decided “better to have and not need than to need and not have” - tried to install the hex file with bootloader using Cura.

The install fails:

Failed to write
Verify error at 0x3e169

Neither a search at the Arduino site nor of the web helped determine the problem. Anybody have an idea why the error?

Sorry about following my own posts, but I am updating.

The problem was that I used the latest version of the Arduino IDE to build the Marlin firmware. Does not work. Have to use version 1.0.5 (available via Lulzbot support).

My builds now upload to the machine as they should. First test of my mod does not work as it should…