Which printer software??

As someone with zero experience in any of this…what is the difference between Slic3r and Cura?

IMO, Cura is a little more plug and play once you get the intial setting setup and probably a little more consistent. It also seems to slice the model faster than Slic3r (this can be dependent on what setting you are using)

Slic3r you tinker with more with and allows you more control but it also allows you to screw things up more drastically. Its a little more sensitive. What it have heard in the past is version to version the pros and cons can change drastically. (This may be outdated.) I use one version for models with support and one for versions without.

Both are open source. Cura typically shipped with Ultimaker but was available to all. It is my understanding that it ships standard with the Mini now. Slic3r used to be the default for the Lulzbot machines.

I have gone back and forth between the two. I typically switch to Cura when I get frustrated with Slic3r but I eventually go back. I am using Slic3r right now.

Hope that helps.

BTW I utilize Repetier for all my printer control.

Ok thanks! Starting off I think I will use Cura. Will probably go to Slic3r once I get more comfortable with printing.

New Guy again, TAZ 4… Just placed the order and looking for best software to work with. I am old and wise enough to ask for help. Anyone? Thanks!

I’ve dabbled with MatterControl and Cura, and both have things to recommend them. However, I tend to stay with Slic3r due to the degree of control. That said, it’s worth downloading all three to try them.

A new experimental version of Slic3r is out (v1.2.6) that adds some interesting features, including a 3D view of the printed layers.

Simplify3D has been popping up now and again on most of the forums. People who like it seem to REALLY like it, but the cost is a bit of a turn off.

Here is what I will say about Simplify3D… If you are in a position where you want various types parts to print reliably without a bunch of tweaking, S3D is well worth the money. I have also found it to produce better surface finish on the parts.

The problem I had with Slic3r is that I could tweak settings to get a good print on a specific part but a different configuration of part would come out terrible. That would require more tweaks to the setup. I just got tired of that. Not to mention slicing with slic3r was terribly slow.

I have not tried slic3r recently because is started crashing on my PC… Maybe it is more consistent and stable now, I don’t know.