Prefered Software

So right now I have tried using both Cura and Mattercontrols to control my TAZ 5. Both give me large differences in print time and quality. I am trying to get a feel of what other software people are using to print with their TAZ.


I use Slic3r with Repetier host.

My preferred software combo is Simplify3D with Octoprint.

Of your choices, I’d try Cura (Lulzbot Edition) first. If you have problems with the Lulzbot provided profiles, you should be able to call for support.the Lulzbot Edition of Cura first. Kinda makes sense to try the recommendations from the OEM first, huh? :slight_smile:

I’ve used Cura and Simplify3D. I made the mistake of jumping into S3D before I had any clue of what I was doing and could not get it to work very well. Cura worked pretty well right out of the “box”, so I went back to it and worked for a week or two until I learned what each and every setting was and how it would affect my printing. After I was comfortable with Cura, I went back to S3D and, with some help from the fine forum folks, I was finally able to make some progress with that. S3D is a much more elaborate program and gives you much more control, but with so much power comes much responsibility. Do yourself a favor and learn Cura inside and out first. It’s a good program and designed to get you going and you will learn much along the way. Now that I have begun to use S3D, I pretty much use it exclusively and like it a lot.