White Village Mills ABS clicking sound???

I’ve had my Taz 6 since May. I have only printed about a 2 dozen objects using only Village Mills ABS from Lolzbot.com
I’ve used orange, and red with little to no problems. I loaded some white Village Mills ABS and noticed about once every 50 sec to 1 min the extruder head has a clicking sound coming from it. I tried different z settings but it made no difference. I removed the white filament and reloaded it . . .still made the clicking sound. I loaded the orange I used a few months ago and it is working fine. I measured the White filament with my calipers and it measured 2.85 mm. Does anyone have any ideas what the clicking sound could be coming from? Will it hurt my extruder to use the white filament? It wasn’t printing the best prints the small object I let it finish. Thanks for any advice. Maybe I need a different abs white filament??? Discouraged because I was printing parts for my race quadcopter . . … needed white.

ugggggghhhh… now the orange abs filament is clicking about once every 1 min from the extruder.

Tighten the idler arm tension bolts.

Thank you, I will give that a try tomorrow. There are so many things to learn about 3d printing and each machine is so unique.