Clicking in extrduer

hi guys - it seems that lulzbot support is MIA - with the buyout - I assume they reduced their support staff.

Hoping I can get some help. I was changing out the filament and I believe I loosened the tension knob a bit too much. It got stuck at the end close to the knob. I was able to readjust it back into place but the little silver metal piece that you can see through the viewing window seems a tab bit off. The printer still prints but there is a rhythmic clicking now. Is there a way to easily fix this? I assume I need to remove the head, and take it a part and possibly re-seat some pieces. Any advice is welcomed.

On a side note - it really is a shame this happened to their support staff. They were the best, really responsive and knowledgeable always willing to go the extra mile to help.

I was told they would be sending me to new washers and model STL file to print new TPU bed spacers - then all went radio silent. I have been having an issue with getting a consistent 1st bottom layer - where the edges are too thick and then it thins out as it gets to the middle. Any advice on this and how we can get some company support is also appreciated.


What machine and toolhead are you running?

Hi there - thanks for the reply - it is a mini desktop with LCD using the .50 aero extrduer - I was able to open it up and fix the tension knob - all that is working fine now - but I think the clicking is coming from something else in the pulley system - it is noticeable when the head goes back and forth along the horizontal rail - like the head or something is hitting something along the route. I will continue to investigate.

What type of filament are you using? I too just experienced this on my TAZ 6 aerostruder .5 diameter nozzle while printing with PetG. A quick google search revealed the nozzle might be too close to the bed for the first layer. I haven’t re-checked the Z-offset to validate, but I’m suspecting that’s it or my tension knob isn’t tight enough.

If you manually extrude filament while the X axis is not moving, can you hear the noise?

If you manually move the X axis when the extruder is not running, can you hear the noise?

Try to isolate the problem.