wiping action

I was wondering what it would take to incorporate the nozzle scrubbing feature into the KitTaz I put together, I was thinking of adding the nozzle scrubber like is on the lulzbot mini, however i don’t know how I would go about adding that movement to the printer I have now.

Good question I would like to know same thing for the Taz 5.

I also have pro levL printer a Stratasys Demension SST 1200 ES. Every time the head switches from support to ABS and via versa the head goes threw a nozzle wipe process. It’s done very well on this machine, ensures the head and nozzle stay clean.

I wonder why the prosumer market has not used this for this class of printers?

You basically just have to add a piece of motion gcode to the front or end of your sliced files. in SLic3r you can add that automatically to all files. There might be a firmware way of doing it as well.

Hey what about a plug in for Cura? All of witch is part of Cura already. Question is IS there a plug in available to do the wipe?

cura’s Start/end gcode. copy the mini code with xy coords for the position of your wiper.