Workhorse won't print Amazon ABS

So it could be that the nozzle is too close to the bed to print? Even though it has printed 3 items successfully?

Yes, the nozzle could be too close. That’s why I keep my nozzles super clean with the manual pre-wipe scotchbrite. Even the tapered sides of my nozzle are clean.

When your machine does the zero operation by touching the four corners you want no notice-able flexing of the bed - that’s your best zero.

When the tip touches the round pieces and does the bounce thing that’s all you notice. The better the zero the better the start, middle and end of the print.

Start a print either record a video of it touching the corners or a video of it beginning to print on the bed

Thanks folks. I blew a fuse while cleaning the nozzle. Nube mistake. Was on hold. Spoke to tech at Lulz, it was a Z setting. Printing PETG now. Will start with outher filament. Thanks

Glad to hear it’s working again. Fortunately the Workhorse includes some spare fuses.