X axis lean due to a stuck filament spool

Basically On my new Taz 5 i didn’t put in place correctly the filament spool on the arm. The spool was touching the Taz vertical structure ans at some point the spool got blocked with the head pooling filament… As a result the X axis lean on one side by several centimeter say 2 or 3 (more or less one inch). The print was trying to print with the filament blocked like explained for almost 1 hour …
Apparently nothing is broken or bent, even if i’m not 100% sure, soi tried to level the x axis on my own , however after fee little prints the X axis leans again for several millimeters (~5).
What is the correct procedure for leveling the X axis and check that all the overall geometry if fine? I searched the forum but didn’t find much or clear howto.
Any assistance will be much appreciated for a newbie.

I’m not sure I’m understanding your description. Are the rods that the tool head rides on when moving back and forth along the X-axis lower at one end than the other? If so, it’s your Z-axis threaded rods that may need to be adjusted.

Or is it that your X axis rods shifted out of positions, and if so did they shift left/right or front to back?

To clarify after my spool stuck issue, the rods that the tool head rides on when moving back and forth along the X-axis is lower at one end than the other by 2-3 centimeters. So i understand that the Z axis needs to be leveled, is there a procedure or howto for leveling that Z axis correctly :question:
After additional visual controls i noticed that the low end linear bearing on the tool head seems to have some slack i.e. when pushing and pooling the tool head it moves slightly (~0.5 mm) from back to front around the its rod (but bearing fits firmly the head support), whereas the 2 linear bearings on top of the tool head are firms and don’t move at all. Is that normal ? would it be a consequence of the spool stuck :question:

I have a Mini, but I assume that leveling will be the similar:

What probably happened is that when under the load of the filament jam, the one of your z-axis stepper motors stalled and missed some steps, while the other kept moving. So the controller “thinks” that one side of the Z axis threaded rods is in a different hieght than it actually is.

To level things on the Mini, I just run the tool head down a bit so it’s not riding against either the upper or lower limit. Then turn the motors off (or turn the power off entirely) and manually spin one of the Z axis threaded rods to make the two ends level again. On the Mini, I can run the auto-level sequence and see from the end stop report whether I’ve got it level or not. On the Taz, I guess I’d try getting it as close as I could using calipers to measure off a known reference, then bring the tool head down near the bed and check that the height remains the same as the tool head travels from left to right across the bed (I’m assuming you already had your bed leveled). Others who have done this on a Taz can probably give you a better procedure.

Yep - John hit the nail on the head. Makes sure the motors are off, then manually turn the acme screw so that the two sides are level. I have a digital level, but measuring both sides of the bed to x-rod should work. Make sure to re-level the bed.

If it keeps drifting out of alignment, you may want to double check the set screws on the various couplings involved

I checked all the coupling screws then I leveled accuratly the x axis measuring the smooth x rod both side to the top of aluminium plate . The x axis level was adjust by turning the z screwed rods man
ually. Then i leveled the bed with the caliper and finally with the paper sheet technic.
I did 3 small prints 5 cm height and so far no drift :stuck_out_tongue:. I plan to print someting higher in the coming days to confirm wheter my taz 5 is running fine again.
If further drifts occurs again i will keep you informed.
Taz is rock!