X axis motor temp

Is it just me or is the X-axis motor overworked? Mine is hotter than any of the others. It feels hot enough that I’m uncomfortable touching it for more than 3 seconds while in operation. It feels hotter than heated bed at 100C (yes I tried touching it :mrgreen: ) Should I put a heat sink or fan on it?

Hello Bovick,

The X axis motor and the extruder motor run hotter than all of the other motors. It should be fine. If the motor starts acting up, you will see it come out in the prints. Either in the X axis or in the ability of the tool head to feed filament properly.
I expect that the motor will be fine.

My X-axis was running well over 140C, which is out of spec for these motors (I believe I read 90 as max for these). Made a duct that holds a heatsink and 40mm fan on the motor… now it’s literally cool to the touch even hours into printing. Extruder motor gets warm, but not burning hot, so not worried about that one.