X-Axis Stepper Motor Issue

We have a fairly new TAZ 5 that has only been in use for about 12 days. It’s been printing pretty nicely, and nearly constantly, up until now, then the stepper motor for the X-axis went wonky during the middle of a print. I didn’t see what happened right when this stopped working, as I have student employees who run the place on the weekends, but this is what I found this morning:

When testing the axis motion, the head would only move back and forth about a centimeter or so. When I disabled the steppers to move the head manually, it does not freely move, and moves jerkily. I did take a bit of video with my phone:


Does anyone have any suggestions for resolving this issue quickly? Does this look like it is this a belt issue or a more serious problem with the motor? I don’t have a lot of experience with this type of printer since we’ve only had it for a few weeks (we have a uPrint we’ve been using for 6 years, and that usually only had extrusion issues rather than motion issues). I’d like to make sure I’ve tried everything I can before calling support.

College of Design, ISU

The X belt path is pretty simple. If it’s not working and stopped abruptly, either you have something jammed in the carriage bearings, a pulley setscrew issue, an electrical issue, or the shaft of the X motor has actually snapped off internally.

I’d remove the belt from the motor and see if the carriage moves fine by itself. Then try running the motor again with no load on it. CHeck and see if the shaft is still attached internally. If it appears to be an electrical issue, check the motor pins to make sure you didn’t have one pull out, and then call suppot.

The exact same thing just happened to me today as well. My printer is less than a month old. To me it almost seemed as if the X-Axis motor just stopped working. I will try the items suggested by piercet. There is also picture instructions on how to remove the belt (and actually replace the stepper motor) on the Lulzbot site here: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/replacing-lulzbot-taz-x-axis-motor/maintenance-repairs/

I removed the belt and tried to move the X-axis stepper motor and it moved, but as soon as any pressure was put on it (like with my finger) it stopped moving. I checked and it wasn’t a set screw issue. So I got on the phone and called tech support. Got through immediately. Described everything and they said yea, it’s a bad stepper motor. Was told they unfortunately have encountered one bad batch that they are needing to replace.

Exactly what I found when I removed the belt and tried the motor. It worked okay with no belt. Not great though. Set screws were fine as far as I could tell. As soon as I put the belt back on, it stopped moving correctly. I will be calling support shortly to see about getting the motor replaced.

Thanks for the help, all!

I just started having a similar issue as well. My X axis changes constantly. I have adjusted the belt (tightening and loosening) but nothing appears to be working.

I’ve also clocked the rotation - it’s rate of turn is consistent but how many turns it makes is off by a half or a quarter and does so randomly.