Tax X Axis Serious Issue Help

Hi all, my trusty Taz 5 has developed a seemingly strange and serious issue with the X Axis.

When I go to home or move the X axis, it makes an aweful graunching sound, and the movement is exteremely juttery, and it eventually halts the machine.

When I turn off the printer the X Axis by hands slides back and forth smoothly.

Also the belt appears in nice condition and is adjusted properley.

Any thoughts on what to look at, stepper motor?

Video of homing X Axis


That looks like possible failing stepper driver on your RAMBo. This can easily be tested.

That does look like a burnt out stepper driver for the z-axis.

This can be tested rather easily.

First, unplug the printer and open the side panel of the control box.
Next, locate the top motor connectors and locate the x and y-axis connectors.

First, I would have you swap the x and y-axis connectors at the board and try to jog the x-axis through the LCD on your printer.

This will now move the y-axis. If the y-axis starts stuttering and grinding away like the x-axis did, you can confirm that this is a board issue.

If the y-axis does not grind, move the y-axis on your LCD which will move the x-axis on the printer.

If the issue stays on the x-axis, you know you have a wiring or a motor issue.

Just remember to swap the connectors back after testing.

Thanks very much. Hummm, well that’s a bit strange, I did the test, it seemed both axis then functioned properly, which is weird. I then put it back and the printer appears to be functioning perfectly (so far)

So it’s either an intermittent fault, or perhaps the connections weren’t sound.

Will monitor and see how it goes.

If it is intermittent, please check the stepper motor cables. It could be that you have a loose connection somewhere or a wire that is starting to fray or break.

Thanks, well after 2 successful 5 hour prints it started doing it again this morning. So I swapped the X and Y on the board and the X was still the issue.

I assume that infers the problem lies between the board and the stepper motor, so cable, connectors or stepper motor itself?

Well, it looks like I found the problem. Spent some time cutting and re-soldering, and it appears to be working. Might have a search and see if I can buy a new X-Axis look to keep as a backup in case my repair eventually fails. Thanks for your help!!

Good find!

If you need a replacement cable, you can reach out to and they will be able to get you sorted out.