XY Steppers stopped during print. but returned to home

The printer stopped moving on the X and Y axis during the raft part of the print. E and Z kept running. After I quit the print, the printer would jog on the X but only in the positive direction on the Y. When I hit the Y home button it went back to its home, no problem and then would jog both directions in the Y and everything seems to be fine again.

I’m at work today, so I can’t debug at the moment. Hoping someone has seen an issue that fits these symptoms.


That’s not a common occurance at all. Try to print with Pronterface, to be able to see if there’s any messages in the terminal output window. If you can, when you notice that happening, send the command “M119” to see what the endstop status is currently.

If it occurs again, send an email to support@lulzbot.com with your contact information, order number and 3d printer serial number and we’ll be happy to help however’s needed.