Y-Axis belt

Hey guys,

I have had some issues with my Mini making some weird “binding” sounds when printing lately and I’ve just noticed that the Y axis belt appears to be hitting the tensioning apparatus on the bottom of the bed. Is this normal? It appears to not ride as smoothly when it gets to that point in the belt. I’ll attach some pictures to show you what I mean.

Any help would be appreciated. I wonder if relaxing the belt would help or the opposite? I don’t know what it is supposed to look like from the factory so I’m at a loss.



You might try adjusting the height of the drive cog on the Y stepper to raise / lower the belts travel. There is some room for adjustment on this. Just make sure you keep one of the set screws and the flat of the shaft in alignment to prevent slippage.

Or if it is still under warranty wait for supports response!. :slight_smile: