Z Axis missing steps/drivers overheating

I moved and the Taz5 that used to print nicely prints horribly because it now sits in a warm room where my crappy AC can not reach. This was due to the Z driver overheating and skipping steps. The driver hit 300f with a fan blowing on it. I ordered 1/4" heatsinks on amazon, stuck them on each of the drivers and now they register at around 100~110f.

I guess long story short, if your Taz is in a warm room, maybe throw a couple heatsinks on the drivers.

Link to heatsinks I used:

My only concern with these heatsinks is that the adhesive might not stay put and possibly causing a short if it falls off. If I can find my artic silver epoxy, I would probably scrape the tape off and use that instead.

No fair! FLIR won’t sell me my android FLIR one yet so I can’t take awesome heat color pictures like that yet

In the mean time, you could look into SEEK Thermal.

Would love to pick up a Flir One for the convenience :slight_smile: I took the photos with me E4. I wonder if we can further cool down the Rambo board by using some kind of non-conductive thermal adhesive pad on the back of it so that the case can act as a heat sink…