z-axis not responding

The z-axis motors on my Mini won’t move when I press the z-axis buttons on octoprint or cura control panel. The x and y axis move fine.

On a side note, this morning as I was heating up abs filament to 230 degrees, and pressed print, I got an error message saying I reached dangerous temp levels. And then I smelled a funky burning smell from the printer (toolhead or circuit board)?

I called tech support and we ran M119 and it read normal. We checked the circuit board and wiring, which seemed normal.

My guess would be a fried circuit that drives the z motors, or maybe faulty wiring? I have no idea.

Any suggestions?

While you had the CB cover off did they have you check to make sure the heat sink had not fell off and shorted something?

I noticed a heat sink was loose after pushed it back in place. Any idea as to why my z axis isn’t responding?