Z-offset command

Is there a command that can be sent to the Mini 2 that will access the machine’s stored probe z offset and send hot end to that position? Or maybe a temporary replacement of startup code

It’s a bit unclear what you mean by “send hot end to that position”.

The Mini2 homes the Z by going to the ZMAX and then using that to get a rough estimate of Z zero position. It then levels the bed using the corners, applying the mesh to get a consistent (within the limitations of the nozzle-to-washer contact) Z zero position across the bed. The offset (which should be equal to the washer thickness) is visible and set in the advanced settings menu, or can be read with the M503 command, and set with the M851 command.

If you were trying to do a temporary replacement, you’d want to include your “real” offset in your end GCODE to reverse the temporary replacement (which wouldn’t get run in case of a canceled print). It would be as simple as changing or adding the ‘M851 Z1.2345’ command in your startup GCODE.

Also, unless you store the settings (before powering down) the M851 setting for your offset will be restored to what it was when you powered on.

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