LulZbot Mini 1 No LCD

So how do I adjust Z height in the original mini without the LCD? I’ve tried adjusting the code but it won’t let me type??? I’ve cleaned everything. It levels fine but when it starts to print in digs into the plate.

First - assuming you’ve never changed the Z probe offset, it’s almost always a dirty nozzle issue. And people almost always say their nozzle is clean and it isn’t. If the nozzle visibly presses down any corner of the bed at all, there’s contamination on the nozzle, and adjusting the Z probe offset will just make you more frustrated.

The standard offset to start from with the washer-based leveling is at Z-1.25, but I’ve seen Z-1.32 to Z-1.2, depending on how consistent the washers are tightened and condition of the pads beneath them.

Use the Terminal page in Cura, or Octoprint, or whatever you’re using to send. In a pinch, you could put the commands on an SD card.

M851 Z-1.25

Will get you to a decent starting point. Once you get a good offset, save it to the EEPROM with


Can you walk me through this? Ed

Use the Terminal page in Cura.

First check your existing offset.

M503 will return your configuration. Look for the M851 line. If it’s anywhere in the Z-1.25 ballpark, it’s probably set on what had been working for a long time, and the offset isn’t what you should be fixing. If it’s at Z-1.25 and it has the stock bed (not a magnetic sheet add-on) and is dragging the nozzle, your nozzle is dirty.

If it’s outside of the -1.25 to -1.32 range, somebody probably changed it at some point. Rest it by sending the

M851 Z-1.25


Run the leveling process and if it’s too high, drop the Z offset to -1.27. Too low? up it to -1.23. Test again. Continue until it’s putting down a good first layer.

Once you get a good offset, save it to the EEPROM with


Thanks for your help. Ed

No matter how low I place the numbers the nozzle stays on the bed. I went to m581 z-1.00. The extruder works fine. The stepper motors are perfect. I just get it off the bed on the first layer.


I cleaned the hell out of the nozzle with mr green and a heavy duty scotchbrite pad. I used rubbing alcohol on all the homing discs. I checked all screws for tightness. This is bizarre. I’ve worked with Lulzbot for 8 years. I’ve never had any issues with these printers.


Are you using M851 or M581?

The M851 Z-1.0 command would tell the machine that the bed surface is 1mm below the measured surface, based on the washers. The washers are 1.25mm thick, so it would put Z0 (after probing) .25mm above the surface. M851 Z-1.5 would put Z0 .25mm BELOW the surface of the bed, so the lower negative number you set the M851 Z number to, the more it’s going to dig into the surface.