1.2 MM Nozzle HS+ Tool head Poor Print Quality

Just purchase a new HS+ tool head. I am looking to get nice smooth lines but it looks like the lines are that are sticking out more. Layer height 0.8 and initial layer height 0.3 Temps at 230

Assuming this is overhang? With PLA? Can’t exactly tell from the lack of context and zoomed in cropped picture.

If that’s overhang, you’re going to have to slow way down with a bead that thick, or use supports. It takes time to cool the center of that much filament for any kind of overhang, and the thicker the bead, the heavier it will be. Really thin filament practically floats in the air, but solid filament drops like a rock.

got , yes Im not so worried but the overhang but im referring to the lines. the print just doesn look smooth. Thanks for your help

Without seeing the STL and other settings to figure out what was happening at those points, I couldn’t say.

Again, not knowing much of what the print should look like or other settings, I’d say doing the linear pressure advance tuning wouldn’t hurt.

The HS+ Tool Head has a 1.2mm nozzle. With a 0.8mm layer height, you will see the layer lines more. If you want a smoother outer finish to your print, you will need to decrease the layer height. The only down side to having thinner layer heights is that the print time will increase.

Another thing is that your initial layer height of 0.3mm would be considered to be very thin for this tool head. I would recommend having at least a 0.6mm initial layer height. You should still be getting good bed adhesion with this. I have even gone as high as 0.9mm for the initial layer height.