Using Matterhacker Pro Series PLA


So I bought several rolls in some really great colors.

I have the 1.2HS tool head and I know the default material profiles seem to be 220 and higher for this size nozzle.

However, while I can print the skirt of the first layer fine, once it begins to print, the material is just balling up around the nozzle.

I’ve been lowering the temp and still having no success.

Anyone use this material? It suggests 205 ±15

I’ll try a lower temp when I get home from work

215c works for me, MHPSPLA what my work orders unless it’s a color they don’t make that I need.

Biggest nozzle we have is .8mm, but that’s only been used once or twice when I first got the Revo.

Another contributing factor is I have ZHop when Retracted, so that doesn’t help

However not having that on means 75% of the time, the Taz will rub the print at some point and cause a layer shift.

Check your esteps - there’s less backpressure with a larger nozzle, so it may need to be backed off just a bit. In a perfect world, there shouldn’t be rubbing on the print, since the nozzle should be layer height above anything printed, but we know it’s not perfect. Slowing down your travel moves should make rubbing less significant, as should making travel moves outside of printed area.

I can do that, how can I change the setting in the touchscreen?
I know I can do an M92 via terminal.

Advanced settings would have a steps/mm, but measure it out by setting temp and motion menu → move axis → extruder first before doing any changes.

Does the 1.2HS tool head have a 1.2mm nozzle? I had a similar problem when I tried to use a 1mm nozzle. Is it under extruding? I had to slow everything down. You might want to do some flow tests and limit print speed with flow volume. What layer heights are you using? The 1.2 nozzle is big and needs a lot of flow. The volcano can barely (doesn’t really?) keep up with a .8 nozzle (.5 layer). I had to go to a Super Volcano to support normal print speeds with a 1mm nozzle (.7 layer). I don’t know why E3D even ships Volcanos with .8 nozzles. I went back to a Volcano with a 1mm Bondtech CHT (they say they work with 2.85 filament). It didn’t seem to flow much more than a standard nozzle. I have to limit the print speed by volume. Doesn’t flow anything like the Super Volcano.

Yes, this media loaner came with the 1.2HS and 1.2 steel nozzle. I have one of these on my Taz 6 and I’m not a fan of it. Given this is the new XT model, I would have thought that for the price it would have a Slice Mosquito / Bondtech tool head, which is way more powerful (and reliable)

Good points you make

The tool head is the E3D Aero with a Volcano hotend, Using the LE profile, it does go very slowly.

Matterhackers wrote me back suggesting 220C as the temp they have best luck with at that size bead

I checked off the “Z Hop When Retracted” hoping for better luck but I keep failing at layer one. I think layer one needs to run at 225 (or so) to stick that first layer down.

I’m usually the PolyLite PLA profile and just adjusting temps (v3.6)