1.2mm Nozzle and Polypropylene mat

Anybody else running a 1.2mm nozzle? I took a E3D Volcano nozzle and shortened it. Its been working great, best mod I’ve ever done. I’ve printed over 20 lbs of ABS thru it, 4 lbs of PETG and 4 lbs of PP. I use primarily 20 lbs spools, I’m now fully converting my printers over to Polypropylene. I’ve had really good luck printing with PP material now. I print that at 240C, 1.2 noz, bed @ 0C, using Scotch Heavy Duty packaging tape. I use the heavy duty cause it comes up without leaving a residue on the bed. I’ve had really good luck with this, thought I’d share. With the PP I also don’t use my enclosure either, which is nice. Just wish there was more colors and options with PP. Anybody know of any good PP suppliers? Thanks!