Taz 5 Hardened Steel HS+ 1.2mm Troubleshooting

Hi, I just bought a Hardened Steel HS+ 1.2mm nozzle with the understanding that I could produce high strength prints with it. So far Nylon (Pro Nylon from Matterhackers) seemed to not do well. Nylon 910, better but not great. Any suggestions? I have had the fan off. If I engage the print cooling fan, I get better results as far as resolution, but the layer adhesion is poor.

A 1.2mm nozzle is a very big nozzle and I would have to assume that with a material like Nylon where you can’t really use a cooling fan you will have to print real slow. You will have to print slow anyway if you are using a standard hex heater block and not something like an E3D Volcano since it won’t be able to keep up with melting that much filament.

I’ve never tried printing with a nozzle that big but just as a guess I would think max speed would be 15-20mm/s speed. I could be wrong and it may need to be even slower.