Hello fellow Taz users,

i have a question, when i had a 350 dollar XYZ printer , it would print 5 times faster than my Taz6, what is the highest speed possible without hurting the print???
do i have to adjust it everytime while printing in Tune or can i set the software to make it print faster, like i said the xyz printer would print a object in 2 hours and the same one will take 5 hours???

any help much appreciated

with a stock taz you should be able to print near 100mm/s on 0.45mm thick layers with a 0.5mm nozzle. With a modified one you can go much faster. Either way it should outperform a cheap printer in all cases.

The speeds are part of the printer profile used by the slicer software. Since they usually can be changed, you can see what the defaults are for both printers. The physical characteristics of the printer play a (big) role in determining how fast they can go (including acceleration and jerk) so a printer with a lightweight extruder can move faster than a printer with a heavyweight extruder.

Higher speeds can have a negative effect on the print quality, so be aware that faster is not always better.

Thanks guys for the info, im planning to get a 1.4 mm nozzle , that should take care of my low speed, would this action be worth while???

A bigger nozzle will allow thicker layers and reduce print time (and resolution.) However there are some caveats and limits to how big you might want to make the nozzle.

The MOARstruder has a 1.2mm nozzle and a longer heater block to support the extra volume of melted plastic its speed requires. I suspect/guess that a 1.4mm nozzle if you could find one would outpace the stock heater block at normal print speeds let alone high ones. (A theoretical 1.4mm nozzle would put out 7.84x the volume of .5mm nozzle, a huge difference…1.2mm is “just” 5.76x and they changed the hot end design.)

The speed referenced by Piercet above was for the overall motion system (X/Y). This is related to but distinct from the layer height and amount of plastic per unit time.

Based on your comments so far, it isn’t clear that you have tried the advice of adjusting the speeds in the slicer. Have you? You referenced doing this, but I don’t know if you were able to reach suitable print speed with the knob after the print starts? I have found that this method works at least when printing from SD card but I didn’t test it since switching to OctoPrint.

If despite this you do get such a nozzle and slap it on there, please post an update or video because I would be interested to see it. I’ve never tried something like that myself. (Though I do have a MOARstruder.)

Good point, i will probably get my self a Moarstruder, then i wont be modifying the nozzle and heater block, I already have a spare tool , regular extruder.
thats what i will do , heck just pull the trigger for one
thanks alot for the information,basically im pretty clueless because the Taz6 is only a month old, i did get 1 year extended warranty for 375.00 not cheap,but considering the Printers price its not much.
i also have a question, there are so many different types of Filament , which one is all around the best??? for day to day printing like a vase or hobby stuff??


I think most people find PLA is easiest to print with - not too many tricks to it and good for beginners. That’s where I would start until you’ve gone through a couple rolls and want to branch out.

The MOARstruder should come with a (very small) sample of t-glase which gives an interesting look with thick lines.

I found Thomas Sanladerer has a series of youtube videos covering a variety of filaments. This is a link to his PLA video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unmvWkfpmRE

thanks for the link for the PLA Filament, PLA is what i have most of, i have some ABS and then aluminum PLA which needs 230.
thanks again


Please be aware that metal loaded filament (and especially carbon-fiber loaded filament) will wear out your nozzle sooner. Glow-in-the-dark filament is also hard on nozzles, apparently.

Good thanks, i will keep that in mind till i make my next Filament order, most likely some of Lulzbot Filament

Had to pull the trigger…on a Moarstruder. Couldnt resist
that should speed things up a bit., wow then i will have 3 tools in my first month of having it. whats the going price for a used single taz6 tool go for??? I have 2 single tools, one of which has been repaired from the factory and is in original packaging.

I have three single 2.1 extruders, the original (with a .5 nozzle), one with a .35 nozzle, and one with a .2 nozzle. You might want to keep your second one and change the nozzle.