1.75 mm extruder/hot end

Since the Mini2 uses the E3d hotend and extruder (not sure of the nomenclature), how hard would it be to put a 1.75 mm E3d hotend and extruder on it? Is it a simple bolt-on?

I really love my Mini2, but it can’t use things like the Pallette+, because of the 2.85mm. So it seems to me that all a person would need to do is replace the current 2.85 hotend etc. with 1.75 and change slicer settings. I guess there may be some Marlin tweaks, but all that seems simple.

Also, 1.75 is becoming more of a standard it seems to me, at least for hobbyists.


you would need to modify the hotend mount completely. The 1.75 titan aero is slightly shorter. So if you just swapped for 1.75 aero the nozzle would be higher than lowest point on fan shroud. Itworks3d makes a 1.75 version for the mini2

There was mention of people just sticking 1.75 filament in their Taz and it working as long as the appropriate changes were made in the slicing software.

@ Keebie81 Thanks for the info. I will check out Itworks3d


While it’s not ideal to use 1.75mm in our hot-ends it can be done if you’re not averse to un-jamming your tool-head a bit more often.

We do have a guide with tips and tricks for printing with 1.75mm

I also noticed on the e3d Aero assembly guide it looks like the only difference for the 1.75mm Aero may be a small piece of PTFE tubing that slides inside of the filament guide. So that may be a simple modification to increase reliability, to add that small piece of tubing according to the e3d assembly.