Lulzbot Mini Hexagon AO Hotend

I just purchased a lulzbot mini but have tons of 1.75 filament. I see in other posts that I can run 1.75 through the 3mm hotend and get good results. But both that being said I plan on sticking with 1.75 filament. Is the extruder designed to run 1.75 or do I need to adjust something in the feed hole? Question 2 is the hexagon ao hotend a drop in change? Here is a link to it.

Take a look to the last part of the Mini Manual. You should change the hexagon hotend. It is quite easy to do, it can be done in 20 minutes… actually you can keep all the components (thermistor and heater cartidge, small fan…), of the 3mm wired to the pin connector and replace only the upper part and the nozzle.
I do not know if the feeder needs further modification but I would guess that it can take the 1.75 filament perfectly.