100 degC print bed temperature for nylon in CURA...is this too high?

I have been trying to print some nylon on the TAZ6 using Cura V19.12 and with alloy 910 (and I suspect others) it uses a heated bed temp of 100 degC which ends up boiling off the PVA bed prep.

I noticed Taulmans site suggests 45 degC bed temp…Is there a reason to stick with 100 degC, or is this an error in the Cura profile?

just looked at the bed temps for other materials in CURA.

Nylon bridge, 618, and 645 wants 110 degC
Polycarbonate wants 115 degC
PC-ABS wants 110 degC

From Taulmans site: http://taulman3d.com/best-print-settings.html
most are 45C to 55C recommended.
polycarbonate is made by village plastic, and there is no info on recommended bed temp from their very sparse website. Lulzbot does say 110 degC bed temp on the shopping site. https://www.lulzbot.com/store/filament/polycarbonate

My concern is that the PVA boils off at that bed temp, so is the PVA really needed? or is the temp too high?

You could try lowering the bed temp, but it really is dependent on the bed material. I’m guessing the majority of the printing community is using traditional beds like glass with kapton or blue painters tape. The Lulzbot printers with PEI are a little different and probably require some experimentation. The Lulzbot baselines are always a good start, try lowering from there.

If you need a higher temp dissolvable support material try HIPS (use Limonene to dissolve). PVA pairs better with lower print and bed temps.

Report back on optimal bed temps for PC.

EDIT: I just re-read your post… and just comprehended that you’re using PVA on the surface of the PEI to reduce adhesion. I think that’s fine that the PVA boils off, the purpose to provide a slight film reducing adhesion of the PC.

I used Elmers purple glue 3-4 months ago to print out a polycarbonate Flexistruder, and it was still on the bed afterwards. I just added water to the bed again and the glue turned purple again, then I spread it out and used it for 3-4 more additional prints.