Taz 3/4 Heated Bed Max Temperature?

Hi, I have a Taz 3 with the 24v heated bed. I am having trouble getting PC to stick while printing and have read that temperatures around 130-140 can help.

How hot can I set the bed temperature without breaking it? I’ve read somewhere 120C is the max, but that doesn’t seem high enough for printing PC.

Lulzbot support says for the Taz 4 you shouldn’t go over 90 for ABS or you can cause damage. Mix some ABS with acetone and use that as a glue, works wonders. Those purple glue sticks also work really well.

Thanks for the reply. I have tried using lots of ABS juice to get it to stick, but no luck. My problem is that the PC starts to warp upward after awhile. Unfortunately, the minimum heat deflection temperature for PC is 128C according to wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polycarbonate). Heating the plate to 90C doesn’t prevent the warping.

Temeratures I have printed on go up to 118C for the heated bed.
So far so good…
There should be max bed temperature in the manual, and I think it is 120C.

The highest we could maintain on a TAZ 3 is about 110°C, which is the default temp for ABS in Pronterface. We normally build ABS at 85°C for the bed. It would be nice to play around with PC, but reportedly AO is out of the high temp extruders.