12mm rod Y axis as an alternative to other things

I thought the Taz 6 had 12mm Y rods. Turns out it doesn’t. So, i’m making them anyways. The Openbuilds project is probably still a better quality option, this one should be much less expensive and not involve drilling the bed plate.

So far the main hurdle I am encountering is that the version 2.4 Y end model is pretty much thrashed to the point I can’t import it (there are issues with the main 10mm rod shaft in the part, they go back to 2.2 for sure. So i’m rebuulding it off the older ones that I already have clones of.

It looks like it will fit ok, the single bearing holder in 12mm is going to need some modification since the bearing case sticks past the plane, and the bed may end up 1mm taller. Anyone want any other features in there while I am at it?

Gah, that took longer than i ever imagined it would. Here they are though

This is designed to usethe Taz6 flexyfeet, which I assume you already have if you have a Taz 6. You will need a pair of 500mm long 12mm (prefferably hardened) rods, some M3 and m5 heat set insersts, the Stock Taz 5 mounting hardware, and 4 12mm Rod bearing things. Thats a modified variant of the single bearing holder for the extruder carrriage, so whatever they use in that one should fit.

You should consider the openrails variant over this one, but this one should work better than 10mm rails. It also should be the first upgrade designed for the Taz 6 specifically (though it will fit a Taz 5 or below)

Edit: Thingiverse page if you like:

Taz_6_12mm_Y_rods_1_0_a_LR_corner.stl (501 KB)
Taz_6_12mm_single_bearing_holder.stl (295 KB)