TAZ 6 Upgrades and Questions

Hi, I’m new to FDM printing and Taz 6 is my first FDM printer. I had a Pegasus Touch before but it was too messy and inconsistent and I like that I can upgrade a TAZ as things change. To that end, I’m wondering what is available for a TAZ 6. I read a few comments in a few different threads but I hoped I could get a consolidated list of mods that are available or in the works here.

I’ve read about an Openbuilds X and Y (what are the benefits of these over the rods that are stock?)
I’ve seen mention of extruder upgrades but haven’t been able to pinpoint which are TAZ 6 specific.
I’ve read that a wobble solution is tough due to space constraints but thinking that maybe a loss of 22 mm of travel might be worth it if the solution could be hotswapped (ie taken off or put back on quickly) when needed for prints that require that extra clean look.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This forum is awesome btw. Go take a look at the Pegasus Touch forum and weep for them…

Honnestly, if you begin in 3d printing, the stock TAZ 6 is enough. Consider upgrading to openbuilds rails when your bushing will start to be used, I’m changing mine on my TAZ 5 after a year and about 20 hours print a day. This mod add accuracy and stronger hardware than stock. Same for extruder, stock is a good one, consider upgrading when your extruder will have to be replaced. Z axis anti wobble is an improvement needed on a TAZ 5, but I don’t know if they improved the TAZ 6 on this point.

Hi there. I designed the Openbuilds mods for the Taz 5 and the Taz 6. With the Taz 6, there is less of a driving need to upgrade the X axis to openbuilds because the 12mm stock Taz 6 rods are plenty stiff, and do not experiance droop due to gravity like the Taz 5 ones tended to do, leading to an apperent “hump” in the middle of the print bed because the head is actually closer to the bed at that point than at the edges. The Taz 6 bed rods are still 10mm, so the Openbuilds upgrades do help there somewhat. but it requires drilling the bed plate to implement, something that not everyone is comfortable doing.

The Taz 6 Openbuilds parts are located here currently:
They work with the rest of the Openbuilds parts located here:

The Y openbuilds mod is here:

There is no Taz 6 z axis modification at this time.

As far as extruder upgrades go, the Taz 6 carriage package is actually really nice. About the only upgrade I would reccommend is one of the taller extruder packages. For example: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1355145
That allows for a 3rd extruder mounting hardpoint. It does add a bit of carriage mass, but the entire toolhead is more solidly anchored to the top and bottom, which prevents deflection due to nozzle drag in the Y axis direction.

An upgrade you should consider is adding a flexible removable bed like Buildtak FlexPlate system, zebra plate, etc…
I did few month ago, it’s magic !

Wow cool thanks everyone… it’s good to know what is what where upgrades are concerned and it’s even better knowing that someone is reading about others concerns. I expect that after I’m done going through the 30 or so spools I will need for my current project that something is bound to wear out. I’ll keep you all posted thanks!