TILR - Another Large TAZ-Based Build

T.I.L.R - TAZ Inspired Linear Rail

After several months of day day-dreaming, I am ready to start a large TAZ-based build. My plan is to expand the build volume of the TAZ series using Openbuilds V-Slot for the X and Y-axis. The stock TAZ build plate is 300mm x 300mm and I will be expanding that to 480mm x 480mm with the rest of the printer being proportionally larger, hopefully. Forum user piercet has already achieved converting all three axis to v-slot and I wanted to follow suit using TAZ6 parts still in development.


For the y-axis my plan is to use 40x40mm v-slot from openbuilds in place of the smooth rod. Here is a larger version of the y-axis end plate I modified from the Mangrove directory. http://a360.co/1OGF7V9

Here is a look at the stock TAZ Y-Axis end vs the one I modified. The drill/tap broke off in one of the holes so it doesn’t get a bolt!

The stock TAZ Y-Corners fit.


I’m almost ready to cut my 510mm bed plate but have a few questions on where to place the wheels. Here is the current bedplate design at 510mm http://a360.co/1RabA7G

How much overlap does the bed plate need to travel over the y-axis end plate?

The overlap is basically just the amount required for the endstop trigger to hit both the Y min and Y max endstop if you are going with the Taz 6 electronic layout.

Bed mounted, 1 gallon Milk jug for scale.

Had to use additional spacers.

Mocked up X-axis frame. Z-height stays the same because I purchased used TAZ4 lead screws. Might increase z-height at some point.